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About Us

The Gearmark Community is a place where you can learn how to create great customer relationships through exceptional customer experiences. The best learning happens from others.  

Knowledge comes from everyone sharing their experiences, information, and insights. Why learn alone when we can learn together?

But it's not up to the community alone to do this. We'll also be available to answer questions and participate in conversations to provide help and advice.

Who would benefit from this community?

Anyone who feels that their business isn't meeting its potential, but they aren't sure why.

Anyone working alone or who feels like they are working in a bubble when creating a customer experience.

Anyone working in a company that doesn't support this style of thinking, but feels this is the right approach.

The Gearmark Community is a great place to find other like-minded professionals who want to create great experiences. Connect with other marketers, sales, UX and CX professionals to stay current about trends, results, and what's coming next.

A Big Thanks

To everyone who participates! We can't do this without you. We all benefit from learning together.

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